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Protect child's teeth | Children's Dentistry | Wattle Park Dental - Melbourne Dental Clinic

Dental advice for children: How to care for your child’s teeth

Parents can help encourage their children and teach the significance of good oral habits by creating an educational, yet fun, brushing and flossing routine together. Over time, this helps your child take responsibility for their oral hygiene and instilling healthy habits not only helps prevent cavities, but also boosts your child’s self-esteem.

Bad Breath | Wattle Park Dental - Melbourne Dental Clinic

Bad Breath Can Tell You More Than What You Had For Dinner – Identifying Gum Disease

Bad breath is caused by food particles or infections in the mouth. When this happens, the moist conditions inside the mouth allow bacteria to thrive and because of the humidity, the bacteria turn foul and exhibit a scent. This scent is what we identify as bad breath. Infections like gum disease and tooth decay are some of the leading reasons for bad breath and when the mouth is not cleaned for extensive periods of time this scent can become a permanent fixture in our mouths.

dental implants - restorative dentistry | Wattle Park Dental - Melbourne Dental Clinic

With dental implants, change the way your smile feels

A smile that is broken, damaged or incomplete can cause a wide range of issues within the mouth; much like a domino effect. Teeth begin to shift in an attempt to close the gap – resulting in crooked teeth. Lack of tooth root stimulation to the jaw means it begins to dissolve – resulting in bone loss…

Dental Implants | Wattle Park Dental - Melbourne Dental Clinic

Ex-supermodel suffers tooth loss in car crash

Recently retired supermodel Paula Hamilton swerved off the road in a bid to save a mother deer and its fawn. The ex-model hit a lamppost and as a result of the trauma, lost four of her front teeth!
Although Paula has had many offers to fix her teeth, she refuses to get treatment, stating her looks aren’t that important and saving the lives of those deer were worth it.