First Dental Visit: Give your child their best ever Christmas present – a fantastic smile

Beginning with the first dental visit, Dr Geoff Ross and our team of dental professionals in Melbourne can help establish excellent dental health for your child that can last a lifetime this Christmas.

While the festive season often means a large consumption of chocolate, sweets and soft drink, it is important to also remember to care for your child’s baby teeth. While the odd sweet treat will not damage your child’s dental well-being, it is important that your child sees a trained dental professional early in their development to safeguard their dental future.

Take the anxiety out of your child’s first dentist visit

A patient’s baby teeth can indicate the potential development of harmful oral conditions. If intercepted before it becomes a serious concern, our team can help correct your child’s oral condition and potentially save them from needing extensive dental work in the future.

Our team cares about the comfort of patients of all ages. We endeavour to make all of our patients relaxed and content throughout their dental treatments. Our team can help remove your child’s anxiety about their first visit to the dentist with the relaxed and fun atmosphere here at our practice.

Creating dental partnerships that can last a lifetime

By establishing familiarity with your child and their dentist at an early age, you can help your child develop a dental partnership that can last through to their adult lives. By creating a healthy partnership between your child and their dentist, our team can shape your child’s future attitude towards dental health. In creating a positive association between your child and oral hygiene, you can ensure that they have a proactive relationship with their dentist and their dental hygiene.

Why your child’s baby teeth are important

Children’s baby teeth or ‘milk’ teeth play a vital role in the later growth of their adult teeth. In addition to your child’s adult teeth, your child’s baby teeth help determine their facial structure and the structure of their bite. There are a number of steps you can take to safeguard your child’s oral future.

Dr Geoff Ross and our team of dental professionals suggest that parents should clean their child’s gums with a damp cloth to ensure their gums are healthy. In addition to this, you should always brush your child’s new teeth with children’s toothpaste, ensuring that you do not brush them with fluoridated toothpaste. The most important step you can take to safeguard your child’s dental future is done by bringing them in for their first dental visit.

Your child’s first dental visit

Our team pride ourselves on our ability to make our youngest patients feel relaxed and comfortable. In your child’s first dental visit, our team will examine your child’s first teeth and the condition of their gums. We can also identify the structure of your child’s teeth as they erupt through the gum. By assessing the structure of your child’s baby teeth, our pediatric dental professionals can develop an understanding of your child’s adult bite structure.
In developing an understanding of the way in which your child’s bite is developing, our team can put measures in place to safeguard the correct development of their bite. In addition to this, we can assess the potential need for orthodontic work in the future. By assessing these potential needs as they develop, we can help prevent harmful dental disorders from occurring later.

Celebrate the festive seasons knowing your child’s dental health is in safe hands

Celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year, whilst protecting your family’s oral health. Our passionate team can help treat any oral concern, for any member of your family.


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